Uniting youth, educators, habitat restoration practitioners, and the birding community for deep cultural connections and sustained conservation of our shared migratory species and habitats.

The Willamette Laja Twinning Partnership works to unite youth, teachers, river restoration practitioners, and birders to provide deep cultural connections and sustained conservation of our shared migratory birds. Elementary schools in Corvallis/Albany areas and the Laja basin in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Vision, Mission and Goal

Vision: Cross-jurisdictional actions for watershed health addressing climate change locally and promoting bi-national collaboration and peace.

Mission: The Twinning Partnership fosters peace through a cross-cultural bridge creating a sense of personal purpose and collective power for educators, conservation professionals, youth, and our communities.

Goal: The Twinning Partnership achieves measurable outcomes for migratory species and their habitats through collective, action-oriented education and peer-to-peer learning.

Twinning Values

  • Respect, Empathy and Understanding- cultures and peoples, and with the natural world
  • Creativity and Innovation- program design and exchange products
  • Latinx Engagement and Inclusiveness- intertwined in all our programs 6 | Website content 2020
  • Environmental Health- human safety and bird habitats
  • Motivation and Inspiration- diverse communities and all stages in career development
  • Whole Child Development- cross-discipline curriculum and real-world opportunities
  • Borderless Connections- migration of birds and humans during political uncertainty and global environmental hurdles
  • Collectiveness- Continuous peer-to-peer learning opportunities across programs
  • Critical thinking- Community members and partners


For more information visit their website: Willamette Laja Twinning Partnership.