We can help you focus on what you do best.

Cascade Pacific RC&D offers a suite of services that give our partnering client organizations the ability to focus on expanding their capacity. We provide fiscal administration and nonprofit management expertise.

Core Fiscal Administration Services

The basic fiscal sponsorship services (right) are included in the one-time set up fee of $250. This fiscal fee is based on the volume of financial transactions, and is applied to a client’s account monthly. We retain 10% of each grant for which we are the fiscal administrator.

For those clients who need more assistance we offer Employer of Record Services and Additional (add-on) Fiscal Services as described below.

  • Monthly reports on income and expenses: including status of bills paid.
  • Monthly reports on grant balances
  • Custom reporting available (e.g. Budget to Actuals, Balance Sheet, etc.)
  • Anytime on-line access to financial reports (read-only)
  • Receive, manage & disburse grant funds
  • Weekly check writing
  • Arrange on-line bill pay/electronic fund transfers
  • Prepare/submit annual tax records including annual audit
  • Retain financial records at least 5 years after closure of project
  • Review grant application budgets prior to submission
  • Provide contract templates
  • Develop and execute contracts
  • On-line access to forms, documents & procedures
  • Receive & document donations and other non-grant income/match funds
  • Generate donor thank you letters 
  • Bi-annual program review meetings with Fiscal Manager and/or Fiscal Coordinator

Employer of Record Services

The Employer of Record Services (right) are additional services that we offer our Fiscal clients. There is a one-time set up fee of $1000 plus $500 per employee. After the first year the annual fee is $500 plus $500 per employee.

  • Payroll Management
  • Payroll taxes
  • Issue Monthly paychecks
  • Accrued leave liability
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Access to retirement plan
  • Assist with job offers and negotiate terms of employment
  • Prepare employment tax records
  • Assist with legal issues related to employment when needed
  • On-line access to forms, documents & procedures
  • Bi-annual program review meetings with Fiscal Manager and/or Fiscal Coordinator
  • Provide list of places to post job openings

Additional Fiscal Services (fee based)

Our add-on Fiscal Services offer clients additional support on an as needed basis. Our basic add-on services include those listed (right). We are open to helping you with other related issues that may be significant to your organization.

  • Financial training for Board of Directors
  • Historical records review
  • Project problem solving
  • Contract negotiation & review
  • Job posting recruitment and selection

Please contact Kirk Shimeall, kirk(at)cascadepacfic(dot)org or (541) 418- 0926 for more detail regarding the fee structure and the customized services we offer.