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Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient, economic way to reduce the cost of running an organization and still maintain the integrity of the organization’s purpose.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is when a tax exempt nonprofit agrees to partner with or “sponsor” another project or organization that may not have tax-exempt status so the sponsored project can receive donations and grants. The sponsored project must be engaged in activities that would qualify as 501c3 tax exempt activities. 

Fiscal Sponsorship is a fee-based arrangement that enables the sponsored organization to focus on their work “on the ground”, while contracting with an experienced sponsor such as Cascade Pacific to provide specific financial management tasks.

Please visit our Fiscal Services page for a complete list of our fiscal administrative services.

Please contact Kirk Shimeall, kirk(at)cascadepacfic(dot)org or (541) 418- 0926 for more detail regarding the fee structure and the customized services we offer.

Why choose Fiscal Sponsorship?

We can save you time and money, as the process to obtain 501c3 status and operate an organization can be time consuming and expensive. Being fiscally sponsored can help new organizations or partnerships that need to scale up quickly or small organizations that do not have the capacity to perform fiscal administration or human resource functions.

A fiscal sponsor can bring different skill sets, ensure accurate reporting, and relieve the sponsored organization from liability and the complexity of personnel management. All of these allow existing staff to focus on the activities that they do best.

Cascade Pacific can assist multiple organizations working together who may want one provider to provide fiscal administration for the partnership.