Developing and supporting leaders and projects that are key to the well-being of the growing Latinx community in Oregon.

The Latina Associates for Collaborative Engagement (LACE) is a group of bilingual, bicultural women from Afro-Latinx, Latinx, and Indigenous communities of the Americas and the Caribbean bound by a commitment for social change. We serve people, community organizations, and institutions across Oregon as facilitators and consultants interweaving equity in both systems change and social transformation.

Mission and Goals

As a community of Latina professionals, culturally competent leadership development and transformational systems are at the core of how LACE approaches their work as nonprofit leaders and consultants.

LACE focuses on developing and supporting leaders and projects that are key to the well-being of communities of color in Oregon. LACE members bring their education, lived experiences, professional skills, and cultural wisdom to dismantle oppression through:

  • Transformative trainings;
  • Facilitation services;
  • Community and civic engagement; and
  • Political leadership.

​LACE aims to foster and sustain equitable systems and structures in the nonprofit and public sectors that benefit communities, and to assure mission success in organizations with whom we partner. 


LACE provides the following services:

  • Project or Program Design & Implementation
  • Facilitation & ​Community Engagement
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Awareness Raising ​& ​Skillbuilding


For more information about LACE and their amazing services, please visit their website.