Cascade Pacific RC&D hosts, facilitates and manages projects, programs, and partnerships that support our mission.

Cascade Pacific RC&D (CPRCD) provides fiscal sponsorship and non-profit management services for groups, agencies, organizations, and other non-profits. We fill a valuable fiscal role that allows our clients to focus on expanding their capacity, attract funding and accomplish their work on the ground.

The programs we manage within CPRCD bring people together to: restore forests; combat invasive plants; collaborate on environmental issues; protect water quality and precious fish and wildlife habitat; and work toward social equality and acknowledge all cultures and people in our community.

The Projects we sponsor and the Programs we manage encompass a wide range of groups and activities including:
Sponsored Project: Latino Associates for Collaborative Engagement (LACE) Group Facilitators at Connexiones Conference 2019.
  • forest restoration with USFS Stewardship Contracting;
  • water utilities around watershed protection efforts
  • invasive weed management;
  • forest collaboratives;
  • urban water quality and wildlife habitat improvements;
  • agriculture and local food markets;
  • climate change networks;
  • dunes restoration;
  • environmental education locally and internationally;
  • restoration work with watershed councils;
  • advisory groups and committees supporting the latinx community; and
  • social equity;
Our services include helping facilitate collaborative partnerships to organizations and groups to achieve synergistic outcomes that mutually satisfy our respective missions.