Helping individuals and families to recover from disaster in Lane County, Oregon


The mission of the McKenzie Valley LTRG of Lane County (MVLTRG) is to recognize needs, coalesce resources, and help individuals and families recover from disaster.


The purpose of MVLTRG is to serve the McKenzie Valley community as it rebuilds after the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire. Established in 2021, the McKenzie Valley Long Term Recovery Group is a non-profit organization serving people and organizations in the rural and unincorporated Holiday Farm Fire area. The MVLRTG works with a variety of community organizations and partners to provide help to fire survivors. The MVLTRG is overseen by a 7-member volunteer Board of Directors and a full-time executive director.


The MVLTRG has come together to focus on six key areas that can help people with the recovery process.

Unmet Needs: MVLTRG partners with community-based organizations, corporations, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and other non-government organizations to fulfill survivors’ needs.

Disaster Case Management: Disaster Case Managers work with people to engage all the resources they can find to help people and families make progress on their recovery plan.

Individual Needs Assessment: Information about fire survivors’ needs helps MVLTRG advocate for resources and volunteers.

Repair & Rebuild: Assistance for survivors to rebuild, repair, and make homes more resilient to future disasters.

Spiritual Care: Church pastors, trained lay people, and mental health practitioners are available to assist through these difficult times.

Community Outreach and Advocacy: Fire survivors may be geographically or socially isolated and local outreach helps bring everyone to the table.


For more information about the MVLTR Group please visit their website and/or contact: