Empowering a broad, producer-centered network to improve soil health across Oregon.

The Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network (OrCAN) was founded in 2017 as a volunteer-run effort laser focused on state-level policy advocacy at the intersection of climate change and agriculture. Today, we are building an inclusive and collaborative producer driven network, providing educational programming for technical assistance providers, and continuing our work to advance institutionalized support for soil health. With a state-wide bird’s eye view on the landscape of soil health on farms and ranches in Oregon, we work with farmers, researchers, technical assistance providers, non-profits, and policy makers. 

Mission and Goals

OrCAN’s unique mission is to empower a broad, producer-centered network to improve soil health across Oregon. We do this through collaboration, education, and policy advocacy. We envision a future where healthy soils are the foundation of thriving food systems in Oregon–reconnecting healthy ecosystems, economies, and communities.


    For more information about OrCAN please visit our website

    OrCAN is hiring for a Program Manager!

    This position is responsible for management of OrCAN’s network training program, collaborative projects, and communications. They will also help to build and support OrCAN’s evolving network, based on OrCAN’s network planning process. The position will require a combination of program leadership, partner collaboration, event planning, and the ability to create and provide resources and information, all for a growing network. 

    Applications accepted through May 14, 2023.  For a description of the position, desired qualifications, and application instructions see this Program Manager Job Announcement and Position Description

    Diversity among our staff is a priority for OrCAN. Black, Native American, and people of color, women, LGBTQ2SIA people, religious minorities, recent migrants/refugees, differently abled people, and applicants from all generational and economic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. 

    Photo Credit: Blue Raven Farm by Jaime Thrower/Studio XIII Photography