Partnering with our local community to protect and sustain our land and water

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership is a community based cooperative endeavor involving industry, local citizens, natural resource agencies, Native American tribes, and conservation groups to protect, encourage and enhance the use of natural resource principles that promote ecosystem health and diversity. The Tenmile Lakes are a chain of freshwater lakes located near the Southern Oregon coast. Rich in natural and cultural resources, the Lakes have supported human communities and historically
abundant coho salmon runs since time immemorial.


Through community involvement and education, this partnership supports management of all land and water in a manner that sustains natural resources and that, in turn, will contribute to environmental vitality and community betterment within the Tenmile Lakes’ basin—from the farthest reaches of the watershed to the Pacific.


To restore coho salmon runs to historic levels and improve water quality so that the water is safe for the local communities year-round. To achieve their goals, the Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership has created a Tenmile Lakes Native Fisheries and Water Quality Restoration Plan that

  • Summarizes historic and current watershed conditions and identify what is negatively impacting native Coho salmon populations and water quality in the Tenmile Lakes Subbasin.
  • Identify restoration priorities and provide a framework to focus our restoration and monitoring resources.
  • Serve as an up to date and current document that will ensure Partners and other stakeholders continue working towards common priority restoration goals, and to serve as the basis for current and future project funding proposals.


For more information please visit their website: Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership.