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The SSWRP Stewardship Groups are a cooperative partnership between the Siuslaw National Forest (SNF), Cascade Pacific RC&D (CPRCD), and community partners. Each Stewardship Group consists of participants from: local watershed councils; soil & water conservation districts; private landowners; state and federal government agencies; industry, environmental and conservation groups; tribes; and consultants.


The guiding principles of the Stewardship Groups are to:

  • network with each other and engage local communities;
  • promote, guide and prioritize Off-Forest restoration projects that are proposed in each group on an annual basis;
  • support projects that benefit local communities and their economy; and
  • provide input on upcoming On-Forest watershed restoration projects and Stewardship Timber Sales.

Each Stewardship Group meets several times a year to:

  • Discuss and present ideas for project proposals put forth by a participant of the group (this can be a newcomer as well as an existing participant) to submit to SNF for funding
  • Prioritize project proposals after approved by SNF
  • Determine outreach projects (SNF provides $1500/year/per SG)
    • Environmental Education Programs and Camps
    • Conferences, Workshops, Speakers, Presentations, Pub Science Talks
    • Videos, posters, publications
  • Determine areas of interest
    • Beavers
    • Invasive Weeds
    • Other areas of interest as voted on by the Stewardship Group

Stewardship Group Areas

The five geographic regions that make up the Stewardship Groups within and surrounding the SNF include the Alsea, Hebo, Marys Peak, Siuslaw, and Smith-Umpqua-Dunes areas (see map below). These groups have been established beginning from 2003 to 2016. Several of the Stewardship Groups have long term participants who have committed their time and energy to help ensure on-the-ground projects have strong community support.

The Stewardship Groups are listed below, and always in need of additional participants!

SNF Stewardship Group Area Boundaries
  • Siuslaw Stewardship Group (SSG): Established in 2003. Participants are from the Siuslaw Watershed Area.
  • Alsea Stewardship Group (ASG): Established in 2006. Participants are from the Alsea and Yachats Watershed areas.
  • Hebo Stewardship Group (HSG:) Established in 2011. Participants are from north of Tillamook to Salmon River areas.
  • Marys Peak Stewardship Group (MPSG): Established in 2007. Particpants are from the Marys River Watershed area.
  • Smith-Umpqua-Dunes Stewardship Group (SUDSG). Established in 2016. Participants are from the Oregon Dunes and Smith-Umpqua River areas.

Click on each Stewardship Group link above to find out more about:

  • Meeting dates, times and locations (mostly virtual);
  • SG large scale area maps;
  • Current participants; and
  • Project examples.

Get Involved!

If you would like to participate in a Stewardship Group, please contact the Facilitator for the following groups:

  • ASG, SSG and SUDSG: Kirk Shimeall,
  • HSG and MPSG: Jane Barth,

Why are the Stewardship Groups and their projects important?

The partners and participants of the Stewardship Groups bring forth important projects that restore our watersheds and support local communities. Projects must benefit the lands and resources on the SNF, and promote sustainable use and enhancement of natural resources in the stewardship group areas.