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Keeping informed and making decisions that support the Siuslaw Stewardship Watershed Restoration Program

Stewardship Group Meetings and Agendas

All meetings are held virtually through Zoom unless otherwise indicated. Each groups meets about six times a year, usually on a designated day of the month and time. See below for upcoming meetings and agendas. For Zoom links to the meetings listed below please contact the Facilitator for that Stewardship Group. We are always seeking new participants! Please contact Kirk or Jane if you are interested.

  • Alsea, Siuslaw, and Smith-Umpqua-Dunes Stewardship Groups: Kirk Shimeall
  • Hebo and Marys Peak Stewardship Groups: Jane Barth

Alsea Stewardship Group: 4th Mondays @ 3-5 pm

  • Upcoming Meeting: TBD

Hebo SG  –  1st Thursdays @ 3-5 pm

  • Upcoming Meeting: TBD

Marys Peak SG – 4th Thursdays @ 6-8 pm

  • Upcoming Meeting: TBD

Siuslaw SSG –  1st Thursdays @ 1-3 pm

  • Upcoming Meeting: TBD

Smith-Umpqua-Dunes –  4th Thursdays @ 1-3 pm

  • Upcoming Meeting: TBD

Meeting Notes (Coming soon!)