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Oregon Central Coast Forest Collaborative

Organizational Structure

The OCCFC consists of voting members and non-voting participants and guests. The OCCFC meets monthly to engage on Siuslaw National Forest planning and management. Subcommittees form on an as needed basis to cover special topics and progress the work of the group outside of monthly meetings. An Operations Committee helps guide the work of the OCCFC and act as a sounding board for the Collaborative Coordinator who organizes and facilitates the group.

The OCCFC uses a modified consensus decision-making process in order to work to reach consensus on a number of topics. Voting members of OCCFC are those that have read through and agreed to the Operating Protocols and signed on to the Declaration of Commitment. We are currently in the process of hiring a new Collaborative Coordinator. Please reach out to kirk(at)cascadepacific(dot)org if you are interested in learning more about becoming a voting member of the group.

Over it’s first year, the OCCFC and Governance Subcommittee worked to establish governing documents including:

Operating Protocols

The OCCFC Operating Protocols are the main governing document for the group. The protocols outline the groups history, mission, values, ground rules, organizational structure, decision-making process, communication, meeting planning & coordination, and record keeping. This is a living document that may be amended at any time by voting members to reflect the current interests and structure of the Collaborative.

Declaration of Commitment

The OCCFC Declaration of Commitment is all Collaborative voting members sign-on to indicating their commitment to the groups Operating Protocols and willingness to work with the group. There are currently nine voting members of the Collaborative who have all signed the Declaration of Commitment.

Letter of Agreement

The OCCFC worked in partnership with Siuslaw National Forest staff to create a Letter of Agreement outlining the working collaborative relationship between the group and the Forest. Both the Collaborative and Forest Leadership signed on to the Letter of Agreement with the understanding that this is a living document that can change as our relationship grows.

Project Level Agreement

Final document available soon.

The project level agreement template is a document that outlines engagement expectations and timelines that the OCCFC and District will agree to prior to working collaboratively on a NEPA process or other forest planning/management effort.