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The Oregon Central Coast Forest Collaborative (OCCFC) is a group of stakeholders with diverse interests working together with the Siuslaw National Forest (SNF) and other agencies around shared values of ecological health, economic opportunities, and community well-being.

This Collaborative provides a space for open discussion and communication amongst stakeholders and agencies, while providing a platform for education and shared learning. The OCCFC works to improve the development, implementation, and monitoring of forest and watershed management projects that align with the values of the group.

The OCCFC offers opportunities to engage with the SNF early in upcoming NEPA projects and other forest planning efforts. Monthly meetings bring together stakeholders with diverse interests and agency staff for the opportunity to discuss relevant topics and provide input and feedback on forest activities. For more information about the OCCFC take a look at our group’s history, organizational structure, current projects, resources, meetings and events.


The Siuslaw National Forest has a long history of collaborative engagement marked by the start of the Stewardship Groups which formed in 2002. Stewardship Group participants have worked successfully to propose, prioritize, and implement off-forest restoration projects for twenty years. In 2016 several Stewardship Group participants expressed interest in engaging with forest-wide planning and current forest science standards and they formed the Adaptive Management Group to host these discussions. This group met from 2016-2020 but ran up against a number of engagement challenges. In 2019 Cascade Pacific RC&D funded research to examine the capacity and interest in a forest-wide collaborative group on the Siuslaw National Forest.

In fall, 2020 with funding from ODF, the OCCFC was established with the purpose of providing a platform for forest-wide collaborative engagement. This group has been meeting monthly for over a year and has worked to create governing documents and establish a collaborative relationship with the Siuslaw National Forest. The OCCFC is now beginning to engage on their first collaborative NEPA process.

Get Involved!

The Collaborative is continuing to expand membership and identify subcommittee opportunities whenever possible. Please reach out to the OCCFC Coordinator Alyssa Bonini if you are interested in learning more about the OCCFC.